About Us


A cold December night in 2017, two musicians, with over 20 years of world wide clubbing decided to have a mingle. They mounted a camera to record the whole gathering and their initiative became a thing that people began to talk about. They managed with simple means to create a vibe that was missing in the underground scene. Not only with the music, but also with a spirit and an aura that grew up.

"We are discerning. No one who visits Vibe Crib should be disappointed, so we only bring quality artists to places that have an inspiring environment. Basically we are underground, but our concept is appreciated by many kinds of people".


All artists we invite to Vibe Crib are doing their performance with love for the music. They value the opportunity they get to perform in our cozy, intimate and unique environment. They also value the opportunity they get to be seen and heard by thousands of viewers through our live stream and aftermovies. It's a mutual collaboration between us and the artists, where both parties respect and appreciate each other's skills without require any financial compensation.

To perform at Vibe Crib you must be invited, we don't accept any kind of request or Soundcloud mix.


It's not common, but sometimes we offer b2b partnership opportunities. When we do, we prefer a sustainable and long term partnership, that strengthen both Vibe Crib and partners.

If you wish to collaborate, send an email with your proposal.


If you are a promoter and want to make a reservation, please send us information about your ideas and suggestions. Keep in mind that we only accept places that we feel fits our concept.


Our videos may fall under "visibility restrictions". In these cases, the sound may be muted, or the embed function may become unusable. Below all videos there is a direct link to Youtube, and in some cases, a link directly to the movie file.

Feel free to report broken links via e-mail, Thank you.